predictREI Beta Test Available! Investment in Properties Software for the Pro or Novice

predictREI Investment in Properties Beta TestTell me if this sounds familiar. You become a Real Estate Investor. You invested a large sum of money to receive training by a reputable real estate guru. Now you are excited and anxious to land your first deal. Suddenly, you realize that real estate investing is risky, you can’t afford to lose money, and you’re not sure that you have all of the right numbers. What’s worse, you are having a problem getting comps and cost information such as closing costs.

So you create an Excel spreadsheet to calculate and record all of your costs. However, as you build your spreadsheet you wonder if you really have everything considered. To make matters worse, this spreadsheet is getting HUGE! How are you ever going to have an assistant that can understand this spreadsheet and enter the correct numbers?

That was me just five years ago! I spent my hard-earned money to go through Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Education system and purchase his software. However, when I got home and started using the software I realized that it was great for finding properties but the analysis required a Finance degree. I don’t think that I’m stupid – my current 4.0 in my marketing program would say that I have a decent amount of intelligence.

However, the software just went way over my head. That is when I turned to creating an Excel spreadsheet. Since I was using Excel 2003 at the time, it was somewhat limited in the number of columns. Once I used all of the available columns and I needed more, I realized that I needed a user-friendly solution. Therefore, I decided to create my own software.

When I created my own software for my own business, I decided that it had to contain the following features:

  • Had to be very user-friendly – easy enough for an assistant who knew almost nothing about real estate investing
  • Had to instantly provide the most current and appropriate Comps
  • Had to instantly calculate multiple Exit Strategies:
    • Equity Deal
    • Wholesale Assign
    • Wholesale Double Close
    • Rehab
    • Short Sale Quick Turn
    • Rental
    • Sandwich Lease Option
  • Had to instantly provide the Maximum Allowable Offer amount for each of the Exit Strategies
  • Had to instantly and accurately calculate the Closing Costs for that property – no default % amount
  • Had to instantly generate my choice of contracts
  • Had to instantly generate pro formas for my partners and lenders
  • Had to instantly generate marketing materials
  • Had to allow me to quickly change my funding source to determine the best deal and costs for any lender
  • Had to provide me a quick and easy way to manage auction property bids while at the auction
  • Had to include a comprehensive, yet easy method for determining rehab costs
  • Had to do all of this in just a few minutes – not the hours that I was spending analyzing properties!

I wasn’t too demanding, was I? I found that I needed to have the ability to make offers quick and often. Furthermore, I found after creating this solution that my real estate agent loved the fact that I had the contracts complete for her to submit to the listing agent. – all that she would have to do is sign her part and fax it on. This method has worked fantastic for me!

Upon receiving requests from my fellow real estate investors, I decided to make my software available to all real estate investors. However, I need to verify that the software is ready for the mass of investors who will undoubtedly want it. Therefore, that is why I am now releasing the Beta Test version of the software.

So that I can communicate personally with all of my beta testers, I am going to limit this to 100 motivated and responsive real estate investors. I expect that there will be some stiff competition to be selected as a beta tester. Therefore, to make things fair, I have provided a list of steps required to be considered a beta tester on the predictREI real estate investment analysis Beta Test page. For the serious real estate investor, these steps will be quite simple since you should already have a presence on these social networking sites to promote your own business. If you don’t already have a social networking presence for your business, this is the time to set one up so that you can begin attracting buyers, sellers, and private lenders.

One of the steps for qualifying to become a predictREI Beta Tester is to respond to this post. Those who provide the greatest amount of valuable feedback on this site and the social networking sites will be named as a predictREI Beta Tester!

What do you get when you are named a predictREI Beta Tester?

  1. Access to the full version of predictREI Real Estate Investment Analysis System
  2. Direct access to the developer of predictREI Real Estate Investment Analysis System
  3. Opportunity to request changes and enhancements to predictREI Real Estate Investment Analysis System
  4. Software customization including your preferred contract
  5. Opportunity to be named to the Exclusive predictREI Product Advisory Board
    1. Includes lifetime upgrades of predictREI provided that you remain an active participant
    2. Ongoing customization services
  6. predictREI Real Estate Investment Analysis System provided at reduced price or free – depending upon participation level

As you can see, the benefits to becoming a predictREI Beta Tester are HUGE!

Tell me below why you need predictREI Real Estate Investment Analysis System and how you plan on becoming an active predictREI Beta Tester.

Please note: You will need to register to post a reply. Your first reply will not appear immediately since we will individually approve all posters. This is an effort to keep our website free of spammers!

Thank you! I look forward to reading your responses.

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